Dental Nursing Homes
How We Work

Most dentists try to solve the oral care problems in a nursing home one patient at a time. While that is useful (and we do the same) we augment that with a comprehensive process to assist facilities from an executive point of view to increase the overall oral health of their patients to reduce stroke, heart attacks, and bacterial pneumonia deaths.

Dentists bring all the equipment inside the facility and can serve patients right in their wheelchairs. Our staff of contractor dentists, hygienists, assistants, x-ray technicians, and support staff are all trained in our soft-touch care system designed specifically to reduce stress for geriatric and handicapped patients.

Rather than transporting residents to a dental office or making them brave the weather being wheeled out to a dental van, our dentists bring all the equipment inside the facility and can serve patients right in their wheelchairs or bedside when needed. Our staff of dentists, hygienists, denturists, assistants, x-ray technicians, and support staff are all trained in our soft-touch care system designed specifically to reduce stress for geriatric, handicapped, and residents suffering from cognitive decline.

What We do

With the recent advancements of technology, we can do more inside each facility. Here as some of the things we can do:

  • Slower Pace – Less Stress Engagement (50% Social / 50% Clinical)
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Extractions with Confidence
  • Hygiene – Hand Scale Ultra-Light Touch
  • Prosthetics – Flippers, Partials, Dentures
  • Restorations – In Facility or Office Visits
  • State Mandated Hygiene In-Service via Video Training at No Charge
  • Denture Cleaning System at Our Cost
  • Weekly Deep Cleaning of Dentures and Partials at night
  • All dentures are labeled and RF Tagged – No More Mystery Dentures
  • We Label Old Dentures Too ($20 per Arch)
Required hygiene and charting services

When prescribed, our assigned hygienist will visit your patients within two weeks of receiving nursing staff approval, insurance approval, and informed consent to perform “gross debridement” and thereafter on a regular recurring basis at a time and day chosen by you. When scheduled with a regular visit, our hygienists will also provide the state-mandated in-service training for your staff at no charge.

Extractions and Restorations

We use the newest and best handheld digital x-ray systems, so we can tell on the spot if an extraction or restoration of a tooth is appropriate, and if it is safe to perform that procedure in the nursing home. Where necessary for patient safety we will refer a patient out to one of our dentist’s office for more complicated procedures. Both our Nomad x-ray gun and the Gendex sensors are the best that money can buy. Our portable drill system is again leading-edge technology assuring safe extractions, restorations, and even surgical procedures all on-site.

Annual Exams
Regularly scheduled required exams

Visiting Ancillary Services is pleased to offer our client care centers regularly scheduled required exams for your residents in the comfort and convenience of your facility. To ensure all patients are seen at least annually, we will schedule our dentists with a regular recurring visits to your facility each month at the same time and date of your choosing aided by a computerized scheduling system.


Dentures, Realigns, and Partials

We provide dentures, partial dentures, and realign and rebase or repair existing dentures where appropriate. When patients need dentures, we typically utilize our proprietary denture system yielding high-quality and comfortable dentures, most often in a single day. 

Save On Costs
We help you with discounts and coverage

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities contract with Visiting Ancillary Services (VAS) to provide the best dental care available. In most cases, there is no direct cost to eligible patients for Medicaid, PETI, or OPTUM (Evercare)and will accept private-pay patients at the same payment rate as Medicaid PETI saving them 60% over usual and customary charges. We will also treat your employees and families by appointment at our office or on-site at your facility.


Superior service, consistent quality and caring attitudes, most efficient processes for scheduling, billing, and low stress patient care.

Provide in-office care while utilizing the latest, highest quality, mobile dental technologies.

Free dental clinic for your Medicaid eligible employee families. Other insurance or in-house clinics also available.


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