Pricing Schedule

At VAS, part of our mission is to make dental, audiology, and optometry affordable without compromising the quality of service. In light of that mission, we offer the prices below to those covered by Colorado Medicaid as well as those who pay out of pocket


Dental Fees

Our Price How Expensive Can it Be?*
Routine Exam $37.72 $150.00
Full Mouth Exam with X-Rays $80.40 $400.00
Routine Cleaning $51.32 $200.00
Simple Tooth Extraction $99.30 $450.00
Surgical tooth Extraction $158.91 $650.00
Full Upper Dentures $775.15 $3000.00
Full Lower Dentures $776.53 $3000.00
Prosthetic Tooth Implant $1000.00 $3000.00

Audiology Fees

Hearing Aid Exam $78.43 $250.00
Digital BTE Hearing Aid $1816.00 $5600.00

Optometry Fees


Eye Exam and Lined Bifocal Lens

(Polycarbonate, non-glare, UV flitering lens)

$263.00 $714.00



*competing prices based on publically availble data on clincal fees

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