Vision Clinic and Nursing Homes


Our specialty is working in long-term care facilities. One way we live up to that is by investing in several portable tools that allow us to serve anyone and everyone at these facilities. The portability of tools means that if your resident has limited or no mobility, we can assess them in their wheelchair or bed.

We are committed to making top-tier optometry accessible to all patients in a long-term care facility, not just those who have an easy time with an eye exam.

Our QuickSee AutoRefractor (below) allows to scan your eyes and give us an idea of what range of prescriptions are needed.

Our tonometer (above) allows us to measure eye pressure test for certain eye conditions

Our retinal camera (below) allows us to conviniently take pictures of the inside of the eye

Our portable slit lamp (below) allows us to examine the overall condition of the eye structures to look for any damage or abnormalities

While our primary focus is on providing optometry to long-term care facilities, we also operate at our clinic several times a month. We accept insurance from a mix of plans including Medicare, Medicaid, and United Healthcare Spectera plans.

Our pricing is consistent whether we come to see you at a long-term care facility or you come see us during our clinic hours.

We carry a like variety of glasses options. Reading glasses, lined bifocals, invisible bifocals, and transitional options. By default, all of our options are scratch-resistant and filter UV light to protect your eyes. Whether it is in a long-term care facility or our clinic, we are confident you will find the right pair for you!

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